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We help adults & athletes in the East Valley get back to normal again through skilled hands-on treatment, movement science, and patient education.

Our mission at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness is to provide every patient with exceptional and comprehensive care in a fun yet professional environment. We strive to provide excellent service through positive relationships built on integrity, education, and communication.

Active Hands‑On Treatment

The difference is our active hands-on treatment. Meaning we work with you to enable your body to move without pain. We guide your joints, muscles, and nerves to heal and function properly for optimal rehabilitation and long-lasting results. We instantly become a team to help you achieve your goals!

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  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I would like to thank Revive Physical Therapy and wellness, they are great! I walked in due to shoulder pain and rotator cuff problem. After four visits my pain had gone away drastically and my strength and range of motion improved. I would recommend Dr Saeed to my friends and family…

    Leanna B.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Well when I got here after my second cervical spine surgery I was depressed from the pain and skeptical this would help as fast as it did. Within 5 weeks of coming and doing the exercises exactly as prescribed daily, I am back to all my normal activities and the pain is 90% better. I am sure I will just continue to improve. I liked some of the exercises so much that I have included them in my home and gym exercise routine. All the staff is uplifting and knowledgeable. Just do it!…

    Leanna B.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    After a particularly graveling business trip, I had a pain in my neck and shoulder. The pain was occurring regularly throughout the day. My doctor referred me to Revive. After just a few visits the pain was diminished and occurred rarely. After a few more visits the pain was almost completely gone and very mild. Thank you!…

    Donald G.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    My doctor recommended physical therapy for my neck pain... She recommended Revive T based on the positive patient feedback she has received... Andy was my DPT and after my first initial evaluation, he started to work on his plan to restore my range of motion and reduce the stiffness and pain. Improvements came quickly... Thanks to the Revive team!…

    Jeff H.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I have had two good experiences at Revive. The first time helped me tame my sciatica and improved my lower back. The second time helped me get rid of tendinitis in both elbows and lessen arthritis in both wrists. I know that if I get problems with muscles or joints in the future, that I will return to Revive for help from the excellent professional therapists who work so effectively with their patients.…

    Ruth K.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to helping your recovery be as efficient as possible. Emailed home exercises with instructional videos are also very helpful. I would definitely recommend this clinic, and would certainly return if it didn't require me to be injured again.…


  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I was referred to Revive PT after a car accident which lead to lasting pain, lose of full mobility, and simply kept me away from my "normal life" which for me meant - the gym. Dr. Dalton understood not only where I was at, but where I wanted to be. Week after week it was apparent by following his guidance (he even took the time to research at-home exercise tailored to my need) I noticed I was sleeping better and doing more physical activities with my family. I can go on and on....but more than anything I am thankful for where I'm at now. Dr. Dalton thanks for that extra push week after week....it paid off! Thank you again - God bless!…

    Gelila A.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I am back to living life the way I love thanks to Dalton and the team at Revive PT. Dalton took the time to not only get to know my injury but also the time to get to know what I wanted to be able to do (in daily life, exercise, etc) and then curtailed PT plan to get me there. He was encouraging and knew when to push and when to step back and support. It's not east coming back from an injury but Dalton made it doable and enjoyable. 💯 recommend Dalton and Revive PT…

    Amy M.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness- the skilled and knowledgeable people there found the right treatment to alleviate my hip pain. I went from barely able to stand and walk to being ready to hit the ground running. I'm so pleased with the attention I received! I recommend them wholeheartedly especially compared to past experiences. I hope never to need physical therapy but if I do, I will come back!…

    Cathy G.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I came in with lower back pain. Everyone was welcoming and sweet starting with the front desk receptionist. Dr. Derthick is very attentive and helped me get back to my functional self. It was my first experience with PT and I would recommend him and anyone on the team here. Comfort and trust is important during these covid times.…

    - Ashley L.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Before coming to revive I had severe lower back pain. The pain kept me from working, made it hard to walk, and hard to put clothes on. After leaving Revive I felt great. Better than before my injury!…

    - Maxwell

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    10 out of 10! Loved it all! Staff are amazing, work well together, and know what they are doing! I felt very comfortable, accepted, and improved rapidly and well! Mostly, the whole experience was great! If I ever need PT again, I'll be back here.…

    - Linda G.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Last year I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis in my hip by our family doctor. The pain in my right continued to get worse. Sitting for longer than a few minutes, including driving became very uncomfortable. Not yet willing to resort to surgical remedies I enrolled with Revive physical therapy. I have been able to return to normal activities with only minor pain episodes. At home exercises provided by doctor have been most helpful…

    - Richard C.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I've seen Dr. Monterrey twice: once for plantar fasciitis and several years later for knee and leg pain/weakness. In both cases, Dr. Monterrey restored my ability to move and exercise pain free. His coaching on exercises and continuing home conditioning have been excellent, and I expect to continue getting stronger by following his guidance.…

    - Gary H.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Fabulous experience here. Came in barley able to move my arms up or to the sides because I was experiencing a lot of pain in my shoulder. Thanks to Sarah and Dalton starting out slowly, building strength, and stamina to now (a few weeks later) move confidently in reaches and fill extension in my arms. It's pretty amazing 😀 Revive has a fun vibe with a caring professional team. Thank you so much everyone!…

    - Martha C.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    My experience with Revive PT was overall great. The staff from top to bottom is professional, knowledgeable, but at the same time down to earth. The atmosphere is encouraging, but also focused on pushing the patients. Before coming here, I had back pain doing anything like driving, sleeping, and working out. Now I have strengthened my weaker areas, improved posture, and feel like I can be young and active again.…

    - Grayson M.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Coming in I was skeptical about physical therapy given a bad experience at another facility. Dr. Dalton and the team at Revive completely changed my perspective. They have helped me improve leaps and bounds beyond what I expected. They are extremely professional personable and do amazing work here. Thank you to the whole team at Revive you guys are the best!!…

    - Jordan A.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    The staff at Revive has been able to help me with every single injury they have treated. From whiplash, a car accident, shoulder inflammation, to problems with bulging disks in the lower back. Each time they were able to fully put me back together. Many times, I was stronger and more flexible after treatment. I would recommend working with all of the PT staff. This is health care at its finest.…

    - Stefan R.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I came to Revive with neck pain that prevented me from turning my neck to the right. Driving, studying, lifting, working out and the other activities that I did throughout my day caused me pain. After one visit at Revive, my pain was more manageable, I felt that I understood what was going on in my body, and I felt that I had more control over my symptoms. Saeed and everyone at the clinic is so friendly, knowledgeable and positive, and I looked forward to each visit!…

    - Lindsay A.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    After my car accident I was very sore and stiff. I had trouble sleeping due to pain in my ribs and had trouble with my shoulder and neck. After working with the Therapists at Revive I have had amazing results and now feel back to normal! I can't say enough about my experience here as everyone has been amazing.…

    - Robert J.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Saeed, Alyssa and the crew are amazing. They are all very personable and friendly. I came in facing possible surgery for my left shoulder. I had intense pain when showering, dressing and sleeping. After working with Alyssa and Saeed, I can lay on my shoulder more and it doesn't bother me as much to dress or shower. Thank you o much!!!…

    - MaryAnn S.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    When I first came here, I had pain and stiffness on the left side of my neck & shoulder. With the help of Dr. Dalton & the staff of Revive, I was able to get back to my normal neck & shoulder motion - and no pain! Everyone is great, friendly, and very helpful. I enjoyed my experience here. Thank you!…

    - Stanley S.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I babied my right shoulder due to a torn rotator cuff. I went from unable to reach for and lift a coffee mug to doing that and more, due to the PT Dalton and Randy gave me. Thank you guys!…

    - Nancy L.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    My injury occurred in February, I sought help for months before meeting the staff at Revive. Alyssa and Dalton were able to do in weeks what other PT's were not able to do in months! When I first came here, I could not play with my kids, do housework, lift much or run. Now, I play soccer with my kids, keep my house clean, run with friends, and even do Romanian deadlifts! Without the help of this team, I would not be able to live the life I want to for my family and for myself! Thank you, Alyssa, Dalton and the rest of the Revive staff. You will forever hold a special place in my heart!…

    - Ashli L.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Came in with spinal stenosis and couldn't walk far, bend or lift. Pain kept me from sleeping at night. After my first session and with advice about to position myself at night in bed, I started to sleep much beter. Now I walk my dog his usual route with no more pain. I can pick up heavy objects and carry them. The physical therapists are fantastic. I would recommend Revive to anyone who needs help with pain and mobility issues.…

    - Kathleen W.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I've been having trouble for years, sleeping, sitting, and lifting heavy things from the ground. Sometimes I'd pull out my lower back and I'd be stiff and sore for days. Since I've started at Revive, I haven't had that problem at all. My sleeping and ability to sit for long periods of time have greatly imporved! The atmosphere at Revive fantastic! Everyone at Revive is friendly and professional! When I leave, I dont't just feel better physically, I feel better mentally also. Saeed truly cares and it shows. Thank you!…

    - Ryan H.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    A few weeks ago, I wasn't able to reach over head to lift something out of my cabinets. My shoulder pain was preventing me from going to the gym or bowling with my friends. I went to a surgeon who immediately jumped to an MRI and surgery. I'm so happy that I asked to do physical therapy first. Dr. Dalton got me back to weight lifting with almost zero pain in a few weeks. He taught me lots of good exercises to strengthen my shoulder and minimize the aches and pain. We had a lot of fun too!…

    - Alix M.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I was having such pain in my upper back that I could not sit for an entire 8 hours at work. Driving was painful and I had to have my girlfriend drive me to and from work. But after about two weeks of PT at revive Physical therapy and Wellness, the pain had subsided. I was able to drive and sit at my desk. After the fianl week of PT, I am back to 100%. Saeed saved me from getting an MRI and possibly surgery on my back.…

    - Charles G.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    When I first arrived at Revive - I was a mess, sciatica was causing me to have horrible pain radiating my left leg. I strated therapy with Andy Meza and that was the start of my healing. I wasn't able to walk a far distance, stand too long or do normal chores. After 12 sessions, Andy has helped me to be free of pain and to feel like I can do my chores at home. He is my hero!…

    - Jeanette B.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I have spinal stenosis in several discs and have had back pain for many years. I received epidurals from a pain specialist for my pain; the epidurals began to no longer work and I was sent to an orthopedic doctor who suggested a fusion. I chose to come to Revive instead. I have worked with both Dalton and Alyssa and they have helped me to feel so much better. I can do things much easier now! I haven't been horse back riding in over a year because getting onto the horse was so difficult. Now, I can practically fly on her back! Dalton and Alyssa made physical therapy fun!…

    - Ann W.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    I had been experiencing pain on my right hip for the past 10 years plus. My last resort was to have hip surgery and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible, so I decided to try physical therapy before I agreed to the surgery. The results have been amazing, as I am currently 90% better with any physical activity i.e., walking, standing, and even sitting. I continue to do the exercises at home, which enables me to manage my pain whenever necessary. I am also no longer taking any prescribed pain pills! I hight recommend Revive. the staff has always been helpful and caring.…

    - Annette G.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    My experience with Revive and Andy in particular included activities that improved my standing and walking peiods of time that I was unable to do previously to seeing Andy. I had left hip surgery in January 2019. I have improved with my recorvery and contintue to do my exercieses at home. I enjoyed my total experience at Revive with Andy, front staff and all other therapists. Thank you, Andy…

    - Victoria W.O.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    Due to a rotator cuff injury I was having pain and difficulty using my arm. I was not able to my regular exercises routine and needed assistance with my daily regular living activities. Dr. Saeed restored full range of motion and function to my arm. I am now pain free and resumed my physical training and activities. Thank you Dr. Saeed!…

    - David R.

  • physical therapy Tempe AZ

    When I began PT with Revive, I had dislocated my shoulder and was unable to lift my arm, let alone do simple tasks like click my computer mouse. After a few sesssions, Alyssa and Dalton had helped me get strong enough to work with resistance bands. This confidence brought me to working with 10lbs weights... after which, I couldn't lift my arm again. Alyssa and Dalton were patient enough to start me back to the basic workouts and get me to where I am today! Currently, I have no issues lifting anything, popping in the shoulder or pushing myself with heavier weights. I love this place and the people make it what it is. I love the front staff... I can't get enought 😊…

    - Tiareh A.

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What Makes Us Different?

physical therapy Tempe AZ

Our mission at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness is to provide every patient with exceptional and comprehensive care in a comfortable and professional environment. We strive to provide excellent service through positive relationships built on integrity, education, and communication.

Physical Therapy

  • You are treated and supervised by a licensed physical therapy provider, NOT by a chiro, PT aide, tech, or trainer.
  • 1-hour one-on-one initial evaluation and treatment, NOT 30 min. evaluation and off to a bike.
  • Skilled hands-on treatment paired with corrective exercises, NOT an assembly line approach where everyone is lined up for the same treatment.
  • Every patient receives a personalized home exercise program, NOT the same cookie-cutter exercise sheet for everyone with, for example, back pain.
  • Our providers treat 1-2 patients an hour, NOT 3-4 patients an hour.
  • You'll see a provider that loves what they do, NOT a provider that is burnt out and overworked.


  • We design an Individualized Program for You.
  • We are invested in improving and optimizing your physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual health
  • Preventative and Maintenance programs available.
  • Vitamin injections, Food Sensitivity testing and Acupuncture available.
  • Physician supervised HCG Weight Loss.
  • Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.
  • Focus on the body's innate ability to heal.
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Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care through current evidence-based practice and personalized treatment approach. We hope to exceed your expectations and you may be surprised with how much one-on-one time we spend with you compared to other providers.

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