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  • For months, the side of my right heel hurt after I'd run. It also felt prickly when I just got out of bed in the morning. My first impulse was to try a lot of different over-the-counter gizmos to alleviate the pain and pricks. When…


  • Thank you to Andy and the Revive group! Unfortunately because of multiple surgeries/injuries over a 2 year period I need a lot of physical therapy. Fortunately for me I found Revive and they took outstanding care of me from knees to shoulders. I am in…

    Crush E.

  • I had terrible lower back pain right after my 20 hours long flight. I couldn't sit for more than 30 min, I had trouble sleeping, and I was not able to do anything for longer times. Dr. Saeed and team here at Revive helped me…

    Revanth S.

  • What can I say?! Revive was my first PT experience after neglecting my shoulder pain for years. The pain was affecting the quality of my workouts as well as causing pain when I would sleep at night due to the fact that I'm a side…

    Jeff S.

  • I had an excellent experience with Revive Therapy! I first started with lower back pain in April and worked with a great therapist who recommended good exercises to ease the pain. I still use these exercises when l feel any tension. I had dental surgery…

    Sara M.

  • Thank you to all of the staff for the last few weeks. I have had a great response to the therapy, my neck pain has diminished a lot. I can do all the functions I need to drive and look around with no pain. The…

    Richard S.

  • Prior to coming to Revive I was struggling each day to have some kind of normalcy. I was in constant pain throughout the day and having difficulty being my elderly mothers care giver. I was also unable to engage in activities I had once enjoyed.…

    Torrie C

  • Prior to coming to Revive I was having trouble doing squats in my step class and walking up stairs. Once I started PT at Revive my left knee was feeling better almost right away. After 4 weeks my knee is almost 100% and I can…

    Michele Fi

  • When I first came to RPTW I had great difficulty playing the guitar for more than five minutes without pain in my shoulder. I was also having trouble sleeping. The exercises that Isaac provided have allowed me to play the guitar for thirty minutes pain…

    Kolin K.

  • Hip and leg pain gone! Walking discomfort gone! Staff service has been very helpful and thorough!

    Gary H.

  • When I started with Revive, I was at a point that basic life functions were a challenge and I thought my shoulder was too far gone to heal naturally. Saeed and Anna were instrumental in me getting a functional part of my life back. The…

    Nicole H.

  • Saeed at Revive Physical Therapy has taught me how to manage a neck injury and a lower back issue. My experiences with Revive were three years apart and they continue to provide professional therapy in a positive environment. I get to live in a pain-free…

    Wendy J.

  • Saeed has really helped me with the back pain I was having. Revive has great staff, and gave me lots of good exercises to do at home.

    Janelle O.

  • When I first started my physical therapy sessions at Revive, I was experiencing distress and pain in my hip. With the help and support of the Revive team, I am now able to get back to the activities I love. Things like hiking, biking, yoga,…

    Patricia Q.

  • I would like to thank Revive Physical Therapy and wellness, they are great! I walked in due to shoulder pain and rotator cuff problem. After four visits my pain had gone away drastically and my strength and range of motion improved. I would recommend Dr…

    Javier M.

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Insurance and Payment Options
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If you don’t see your plan listed, please give us a call. We make every effort to verify your insurance benefits before or during your first visit with us.

Why You Should Consider Us Over Large Practices or Hospitals:

Service Comparison
Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness CORPORATE HOSPITAL
Doctors of Physical Therapy Yes No No
Family Owned Clinic Yes Maybe Maybe
Warm/Caring Office Yes No No
First Visit: 24 - 48 hours Yes No No
Expert Supervision During The Entire Visit Yes Maybe Maybe
No More Than 2 Patients Per Hour Yes No Maybe
One-on-One hour Initial Evaluation and Treatment Appointment Yes No No
Wellness Programs Available Yes No No
Transparent Billing Yes Maybe No
Most Affordable Yes Maybe No
Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness
Doctors of Physical Therapy:Yes
Family Owned Clinic:Yes
Warm/Caring Office:Yes
First Visit: 24 - 48 hours:Yes
Expert Supervision During Entire Visit:Yes
No More Than 2 Patients Per Hour:Yes
One-on-One hour Initial Evaluation and Treatment Appointment:Yes
Wellness Programs Available:Yes
Transparent Billing:Yes
Most Affordable:Yes
Doctors of Physical Therapy:No
Family Owned Clinic:Maybe
Warm/Caring Office:No
First Visit: 24 - 48 hours:No
Expert Supervision During Entire Visit:Maybe
No More Than 2 Patients Per Hour:No
One-on-One hour Initial Evaluation and Treatment Appointment:No
Wellness Programs Available:No
Transparent Billing:Maybe
Most Affordable:Maybe
Doctors of Physical Therapy:No
Family Owned Clinic:Maybe
Warm/Caring Office:No
First Visit: 24 - 48 hours:No
Expert Supervision During Entire Visit:Maybe
No More Than 2 Patients Per Hour:Maybe
One-on-One hour Initial Evaluation and Treatment Appointment:No
Wellness Programs Available:No
Transparent Billing:No
Most Affordable:No

The Recovery Process

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Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care through current evidence-based practice and personalized treatment approach. We hope to exceed your expectations and you may be surprised with how much one-on-one time we spend with you compared to other providers.

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