Hua C.

A neck crick caused a massive collection of angry muscles in the span of two weeks. I wasn’t able to move at all and only regained some range of motion of my upper torso and head after a week of steroids and muscle relaxants. Acupuncture helped with the residual pain, but I still had residual pain and limited ability to turn my body. When the tingly and burning sensation down my arms prevented me from working, I started physical therapy. The key objective was to be able to use my arms and hand (to cook and bake again!) and to move my head without pain (so I can finish some books that I have been reading). Exercises that contracted my shoulder and upper back muscles were the most helpful. Chin tucks only became not difficult until the last two weeks, but chin tucks with shoulder pinches was the best exercises to address the arm tingling. Now everything is almost back to normal.”

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