Jeff H.

My doctor recommended physical therapy for my neck pain which was increasing daily due to my work from home office setup. She recommended Revive T based on the positive patient feedback she has received and the fact that it's a smaller size provided a more personal atmosphere. Andy was my DPT and after my first initial evaluation, he started to work on his plan to restore my range of motion and reduce the stiffness and pain. Improvements came quickly. Every visit added or changed an activity so it wasn't repetitive every visit. Andy and I talked about some common interests to make it entertaining. Andy was also mentoring interns, it was impressive to watch him talk about cars and then provide clinical explanations of what he was doing for the interns. Andy always provided a link between their teachings and the application of those concepts to what he was doing. Not all professionals can teach their trade, Andy most definitely can. Thanks to the Revive team!

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