Quality One-on-One Initial Evaluation

We take pride in our thorough evaluation and assessment process. On your initial visit you’ll be treated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, who will also develop a personalized plan of care to show you what successful treatment looks like for your specific problem. Your therapist will perform a thorough evaluation and movement assessment, hands-on treatment and patient education including self-treatment techniques, so you can start taking control of your own health immediately. We provide you value upfront and have you feeling empowered and encouraged from day one!

Your personalized plan of care will always include our TEST-TREAT-RETEST philosophy. What does this mean?

  • We know that time is valuable and we don’t want to waste it. To ensure we’re always making progress and treating you effectively, we will test our results on every visit. We want you to leave every visit with tangible results of improvement and feeling revived and encouraged about your progress.

Using this test-treat-retest tool, we will to get to the root cause of your problem quicker with less missed diagnosis, which means:

  • Fewer visits needed
  • Fewer work days missed
  • Get back to feeling normal sooner
  • Efficient and Quality care – while still accepting all major insurances. You save and we can help more people.

To learn more about our Quality One-on-One Initial Evaluation services,
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Our Patients Are Thriving
  • After walking up and down a ridiculously steep hill for 20 minutes (40-50 degrees), I reinjured old knee issues from years of downhill skiing. At times, last fall, I could barely walk even in my home, without considerable pain in my left knee. Thanks to 10-12 sessions with Dalton, David, and Alyssa. I am now virtually pain free and moving comfortably even with osteo-arthritis in both knees. Revive has been a great help and Dalton, David and Alyssa have been very knowledgeable. Professional, helpful, and funny! This is a great place.

    – Bill T.

  • When I first came to Revive PT, I had very little confidence in my ability to hike long distance due to knee pain. Dalton gave me lots of help and assurance and I can now say I have much more confidence and my ability to hike longer distances without increased pain, is much better. I have enthusiasm for greater growth in the future.

    – Marina B.

  • On Labor Day, my leg/knee hurt so bad it couldn’t have hurt any worse. Through the guidance of Dalton and Alyssa, my knee is almost back to 100%, no more pain upon movement, no more achiness, I’m so pleased. Driving even 5 minutes used to cause pain. Now I can drive distances again without notice. Stairs aren’t to be dreaded anymore and I can take the stairs between floors at work again without worrying I’m going to have pain. I’m so pleased with my progress. Love ‘em here at Revive!

    – Eadie R.