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"I arrived here unable to get out of bed, unable to turn over in bed, unable to walk, and unable to pick up anything from the floor. Guess what? I now feel 100% better and stronger. The staff at Revive pinpointed the injured muscles and targeted my recovery with strengthening exercises. I always feel better after a visit to Revive. The best part is that I can pick up my 18-pound cat. Special thanks to Dalton and Alyssa for encouraging and motivating me during the workouts. Thanks to everyone for helping me feel better."
Sep 27, 2019
"I came in to physical therapy with slight tingling in my mid back pretty frequent throughout the day. I enjoyed coming to gain knowledge and strength about my back. Andy and Alyssa were great and gave me knowledge about how to improve and set goals for myself. I’m leaving therapy feeling hopeful and confident that I can accomplish and maintain goals set. Thank to Revive!"
Sep 27, 2019
"Before I came to PT I had lower back and hip joint pain for 6 months. Alyssa and Dalton helped me get back to normal. Within 2 weeks I was seeing improvement. They helped educate me on how to treat my pain outside of PT and after our sessions ended. They even helped with lower back pain I thought was normal to have. Now I can stand as long as I want without pain and I can go back to playing sports and working out!"
Sep 27, 2019
"My name is Weston and I came into Revive with knee problems that prevented me from performing everyday tasks or even walking normally. After a few sessions, I noticed huge improvement and by the end of my time at Revive I had accomplished all of the goals I hoped to achieve when I came in. Andy did an awesome job pushing me and helping me restore confidence in my capabilities with my knee. Thanks, my man and to the rest of Revive!"
Sep 27, 2019
"I felt my neck was becoming weaker and as if it would not hold my neck up, sometimes. My posture had become stooped and I felt depressed and old. Well, I am old, at 83, but after my visits here, I really feel relaxed and improved. I am totally aware of my posture now and work on improving it every day. I have very little neck pain now. I did have a pinched area that would “Zing” me often and that is completely gone. I truly appreciate Saeed and his staff. Thanks to all!"
Sep 20, 2019
"Before receiving PT, I had difficulty doing core strength stretches and exercises. After 20 sessions, it’s very apparent my core has strengthened. My daily schedule now involves the stretches and exercises I learned in PT. I do them when I get up in the morning and as soon as I get home from work. It has been a pleasure coming to PT, especially my interactions with the Revive Staff! Thanks for all you do for all your clients!"
Sep 20, 2019
"I was in a car accident, and after my lower back was in a lot of pain. It was affecting my sleep, I couldn't stay active the way I normally did before and I couldn't even lay down or sit for more then a couple of minutes because of the pain. After about a month of PT at Revive, I was feeling a lot better. My sleep is back to normal and I've gotten back to doing the sports and activities I was missing before. PT here really made a positive difference, and I really feel stronger and back to normal."
Sep 20, 2019
"“This was my third trip to Revive in the past two years and again the crew got me whipped back into shape and improved my balance tremendously. I have so much more stamina and energy from my first visit. Saeed, Alyssa, and Dalton are “Supah”.”"
Sep 13, 2019
"Talented, fun, committed, and on-point. That is how I describe the staff at Revive. They helped me get back to my normal activities of kayaking, driving, hiking, and tasks of daily living without pain. I appreciate the fact that the staff explained the exercises and treatment strategies and taught me the mechanics of my recovery. A great group of folks! "
Aug 07, 2019
"“I was referred to Revive by my PA because they were a complete wellness practice and she thought it would be an excellent choice for my problem. I was having head and neck pain shooting down into my arm. I was having trouble sleeping, resting and working on the computer. Even sitting was uncomfortable. I wanted to get and MRI, but could not without PT first. Reluctantly I came to PT at Revive, as I needed 4 weeks of PT before and MRI would be ordered. After 4 weeks, believe it or not I was 90% better. My pain was minimal and I could do all my activities pretty much with no pain or discomfort. The exercises were easy and the staff were funny and easy to be around. The time flew by. Thank you so much for your work with me, I very much appreciate you.” "
Jul 30, 2019
"I started with Revive for lower back pain. I was unable to weight train, walk long distances, jog or golf. Today, with the help of some great therapists and new exercises, I am able to exercise, weight train and live a fun and healthy life again. The therapists at Revive are very friendly and make their patients feel comfortable during the time spent in therapy. Thanks to them, I feel so much better!” "
Jul 02, 2019


I am 34 years old; too young for a back injury! After suffering for two years with sciatica, a simple yoga stretch left me on my back for days. Muscle relaxers, anti- inflammatory medications and two different physical therapists provided little relief. I was referred to Dalton at Revive by a friend and previous Revive patient. I would not be where I am today without Alyssa and Dalton. My injury occurred in February, I sought help for months before meeting the staff at Revive. Alyssa and Dalton were able to do in weeks what other PT’s were not able to do in months! When I first came here, I could not play with my kids, do housework, lift much or run. Now, I play soccer with my kids, keep my house clean, run with friends, and even do Romanian dead lifts! I am also a stay at home mom so both my children and my husband are all happy for me. I will begin a job as a CNA in less than a month! Without the help of this team, I would not be able to live the life I want to for my family and for myself! Thank you, Alyssa, Dalton and the rest of the Revive staff. You will forever hold a special place in my heart!

– Ashli L.

After walking up and down a ridiculously steep hill for 20 minutes (40-50 degrees), I reinjured old knee issues from years of downhill skiing. At times, last fall, I could barely walk even in my home, without considerable pain in my left knee. Thanks to 10-12 sessions with Dalton, David, and Alyssa. I am now virtually pain free and moving comfortably even with osteo-arthritis in both knees. Revive has been a great help and Dalton, David and Alyssa have been very knowledgeable. Professional, helpful, and funny! This is a great place.

– Bill T.

When I first came here, I had been experiencing pain from knee surgery from my youth. I was worried I would need surgery. After receiving treatment my range of motion is amazing. I can sit and stand with no issues and I am back to dancing in my living room! The staff has been so amazing and encouraging, and I feel like I have been given a brand-new body, it’s amazing!

– Emily S.

When I started Physical Therapy, I was in pain. My knee was hurting so bad. Lifting my leg hurt and bending my knee was painful. I was unable to run and standing up after sitting was painful for several steps and I sometimes though I would fall. I didn’t believe that simple exercises would help, but I was wrong. Sticking to the therapy and following the at home exercises worked and I can run, jump, and wear my high heels again. I still get a twinge or two and I just start my therapy exercises and it goes away. I get nervous that my knee is weak but it is just me. Thank you for being kind and patient.

– Elaine Y.

When I first came to Revive PT, I had very little confidence in my ability to hike long distance due to knee pain. Dalton gave me lots of help and assurance and I can now say I have much more confidence and my ability to hike longer distances without increased pain, is much better. I have enthusiasm for greater growth in the future.

– Marina B.

On Labor Day, my leg/knee hurt so bad it couldn’t have hurt any worse. Through the guidance of Dalton and Alyssa, my knee is almost back to 100%, no more pain upon movement, no more achiness, I’m so pleased. Driving even 5 minutes used to cause pain. Now I can drive distances again without notice. Stairs aren’t to be dreaded anymore and I can take the stairs between floors at work again without worrying I’m going to have pain. I’m so pleased with my progress. Love ‘em here at Revive!

– Eadie R.

After walking up and down a ridiculously steep hill for 20 minutes (40-50 degrees), I reinjured old knee issues from years of downhill skiing. At times, last fall, I could barely walk even in my home, without considerable pain in my left knee. Thanks to 10-12 sessions with Dalton, David, and Alyssa. I am now virtually pain free and moving comfortably even with osteo-arthritis in both knees. Revive has been a great help and Dalton, David and Alyssa have been very knowledgeable. Professional, helpful, and funny! This is a great place.

– Bill T.

Before coming to Revive, I was having difficulty kneeling and squatting. I also had occasional pain in both knees. After 5 sessions the knee pain is very infrequent. I am most happy with exercises I can do on my own at home or at the gym. The physical therapists are friendly and knowledgeable.

– Donelle V.

After my fall, I came to Revive not being able to do my job fully, go dancing with my husband or workout like I had use to do. I had so much fun getting strong, as my therapist were so fun and supportive! I am so pleased to say that I am back fully functioning and went dancing pain free! Thank you, Revive PT!

– Bethany D

My experience with Revive PT has definitely been positive! Saeed and Alyssa have been instrumental in my progress. I am not 100%, but I did begin formal PT late, post arthroscopic surgery. When I started, my knee was swollen ad walking was painful. I was not able to participate in exercise classes at the gym. The stationary bike was painful, as well as getting down on the floor to play with my grandchildren. I am now back to exercise classes and working out on the bike, rowing machine, and the different workout machines at the gym. I am very thankful and appreciative to the Revive Physical Therapy Team for all the care and exercise routine that improved my knee mobility!

– Adelina B.

This is my second time coming here due to injuries from volleyball and my physical therapy experience has been so good! The environment is great; everyone is kind and supportive. Before coming to PT after my last injury, I could barely bend my knee. I could not run, jump, or do any of my normal activities without restriction. Everyone is very helpful and considerate of what you can and cannot do. They also play great music and always have great conversations! I am so glad chose Revive!

– Lauren, G.

In a fall, I had broken two bones in my dominant hand and was unable to write, type, cook, wash dishes, tie my shoes, or even get keys out of my pocket without great difficulty. After two weeks with my hand in a splint followed by 8 weeks in a brace, my hand and fingers were weak and my range of motion was quite limited by swelling and pain. My doctor referred me to physical therapy with a directive to get my fingers moving again in spite of any pain, so I went to Revive Physical Therapy where I worked with three physical therapists. They listened carefully to me, asked many questions about how my hand felt, carefully tested the strength and range of motion of my hand and fingers, carefully but strongly massaged my hand and fingers to improve my flexibility, carefully put me through some range-of-motion and strength exercises. Had me on some prescribed exercises in their center while periodically checking on me and gave me ideas for doing additional exercises at home. I worked on my own very diligently, every day without fail doing the exercises they’d recommended.

I often felt impatient and discouraged because I couldn’t see my own progress very clearly, but the therapists regularly reminded me of the positive changes actually occurring and helped keep me focused. I started out with three one-hour therapy sessions a week, dropped down to two sessions per week as my progress allowed, then to once per week, and after approximately three months was released to continue my rehabilitation on my own. By that time, Id gained the ability to do all of those tasks that had been so painfully hard before. Now I can write and type-I wrote this testimonial by hand and then typed it-and I can easily cook, wash dishes, tie my shoes and get keys out of my pocket without difficulty. As I continue to improve steadily and I feel like I have my hand back.

What impressed me the most about Revive physical therapists-aside from their knowledge, competence and professionalism-was how well they listened to me, how carefully they worked with me to push my boundaries without causing additional damage, and how unfailingly encouraging and supportive they were when working with me. I felt like they always kept my best interests uppermost in their minds. I hope I won’t need their services anymore but will certainly visit them again if I need to, and would unhesitating recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy.

– Christian B.

I’ve been having trouble for years, sleeping, sitting, and lifting heavy things from the ground. Sometimes I’d pull out my lower back and I’d be stiff and sore for days. Since I’ve started at Revive, I haven’t had that problem at all. My sleeping and ability to sit for long periods of time have greatly improved! The atmosphere at Revive is fantastic! Everyone at Revive is friendly and professional! When I leave, I don’t just feel better physically, I feel better mentally also. Saeed truly cares and it shows. Thank you!

– Ryan H.

Saeed and his crew have greatly improved my hips and back. I have used all the exercises to continue the strengthening process. When I started therapy, I was in pain most of the day from walking to getting up from a sitting position. I learned what exercises to do to strengthen my muscles and improve my condition. Hopefully I will continue to improve.

I am sincerely thankful for their knowledge and assistance. Their encouragement is so helpful.

– Cheryl M.

When I came to Revive, I was in considerable discomfort and barely able to walk or sleep through the night without pain. Now I am back to regular walking, going to the gym, and sleeping well – Without discomfort! With Dalton’s skill and guidance, I have improved remarkably. I feel strong and confident as I return to my regular habits of walking and preparing for an upcoming trek. Thank you for everything Dalton, Darius, and Revive! I’d recommend you to anyone!

– Brenda H.

My experience here has been very good. I was losing mobility in my L. Hip and was having problems with getting in and out of the car, up (especially) and down from a chair, putting on pants standing up, and getting in and out of the bathtub. This is all much easier now. Also dancing tap, ballroom, and yoga is all much easier. My podiatrist requested I massage my feet and now I can externally rotate my L. Hip much easier and do this.

– Kim K.

I had been experiencing pain on my right hip for the past 10 years plus. My last resort was to have hip surgery and I wanted to avoid that as much as possible, so I decided to try physical therapy before I agreed to the surgery. The results have been amazing, as I am currently 90% better with any physical activity i.e., walking, standing, and even sitting. I continue to do the exercises at home, which enables me to manage my pain whenever necessary. I am also no longer taking any prescribed pain pills! I highly recommend Revive. The staff has always been helpful and caring.

– Annette G.

When I began PT with Revive, I had dislocated my shoulder and was unable to lift my arm, let alone do simple tasks like click my computer mouse. After a few sessions, Alyssa and Dalton had helped me get strong enough to work with resistance bands. This confidence brought me to working with 10lb weights… after which, I couldn’t lift my arm again. Alyssa and Dalton were patient enough to start me back at the basic workouts and get me to where I am today!

Currently, I have no issues lifting anything, popping in the shoulder or pushing myself with heavier weights.

I love this place and the people make it what it is! I love the front staff too…. I can’t get enough 🙂

– Tiareh A.

I love coming to Revive. Saeed, Alyssa, and Dalton (Who I did not work with) care so much about their patients and quality of life (or so it seems). Every time, even through the tough exercises, is an enjoyable experience. My neck and back are feeling better but will continue to be a work in progress, but my shoulder now has a better range of motion and no pain. The group at Revive are amazing and I am grateful for them and I never forget my time I had here.

– Segrid S.

Hi, my name is Gigi and during my 55 years on the planet, I have never experienced any Physical Therapy. I recently hurt my shoulder and my Doctor had me go to PT. I found this wonderful place online and I would highly recommend Revive to everyone I know. I had minimal range of motion with my right arm and struggled with simple movements such as lifting my arm and couldn’t sleep on my right side. My pain level was a 10, at best. I have had 100% improvement since coming to Revive. I now have full range of motion and can sleep on my right side with no pain! Pain level is now a 1, if that! During my first visit I asked Saeed “Where have you been all my life” LOL! What a great experience!

– Gigi S.

I am a man in my forties and have lived with severe back pain most of my life. Today my pain comes and goes. I have always treated my pain with narcotics, that has changed. I was undergoing therapy from a shoulder surgery and Dr. Saeed had seen my condition; I couldn’t stand straight, bend at the waist, or sit. Dr. Saeed took action with some stretches and exercises. Within a few days I was much better! I continue to do the exercises at home and frankly I am shocked at my progress. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for my back and shoulder. TRUE MIRACLES!!!!!!!!

– Michael C.

I have had two PT experiences at Revive. First, with my back and I could not sit, stand or sleep comfortably. After therapy I have had complete comfort and also exercises and tools to keep my back in good shape. Second, I have been to PT for adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). I was unable to raise my arm, brush, braid, and shampoo my hair, put on my seatbelt, vacuum, or reach across my body. Now I can do all those things and once again I have exercises, they taught me to maintain my strength and flexibility. Always in a warm, supportive, and positive environment.

– Cindy A.

The team at Revive is amazing. Going into my first session, I had a lot of instability and weakness in my shoulder. Weights, reaching overhead, and many basic everyday activities were tough for me. Dalton and Alyssa did a great job of focusing on these weaknesses and pushing me to strengthen and stabilize my shoulder. I am grateful for my experience here at Revive and am walking away with a much more stable and strengthened shoulder overall. Thank you, guys, so much, you rock!

– Noah B.

I came with severe pain in my left shoulder. Not sure about the cause, but most likely from a life-time of mis-use. It was difficult to lift any weight with my arm extended. After a few short weeks of PT and doing exercises at home, almost all pain is gone. Although, I have to be aware of the over-use for long periods. Great improvement since initial visit and have found everyone here is most helpful.

– Dennis S.

Came in with a dull constant pain in my right shoulder blade. Located the cause in my neck nerves and muscles. Learned exercises to stretch and strengthen the area. Also, they reconfigured the office to make it more comfortable. Have continued exercises, along with doctor manipulation. Have no shoulder pain and generally feel much better.

– Kevin H.

My range of motion increased! I can do things much easier and I’m using my arm again, when before I’d quit using it. Overall it’s been a positive experience and beneficial as well.

– Tom D.

I came here with severe neck issues from an old whiplash injury. After my neck locked up, I was sent here by my doctor. For 9 visits, I’ve gotten all of my neck movement back. Plus, the strength back in my back and shoulders. The therapists have to be the best I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend them!

– Sheila H.

After ACDF surgery, I had limited range of motion in my neck – both up/ down and side to side. I also had significant pain in my neck and shoulders/arms, especially my right arm. After therapy, my range of motion has increased exponentially and pain has diminished to almost nothing except on rare occasions when I over do it. All muscle spasms in my back, which were frequent after surgery, are gone. I am extremely happy with the therapeutic treatment at the hands of Dalton Derthick, I highly recommend him to anyone seeking Physical Therapy.

– Theresa G.

Hi!!! I had terrible neck pain from working on computers. I couldn’t have fun, I couldn’t sleep, and I had headaches. After visiting Dalton and Alyssa, my neck improved within the first visit. Now I’m enjoying life, having fun, and no more headaches or pain. Life is Beautiful. God Bless.

– Jeremy G.

Several years ago, I had rotary cuff injury and Saeed was very helpful in moving my arms and head/neck. Saeed and his staff are very helpful, friendly, and always making sure you are comfortable in the exercise to keep the body moving.

I can move my head/neck area so much better with out pain. My arms are so much stronger. Thank you, Saeed and Alyssa!

– Jacqueline Z.

I was in a car accident – rear ended and I guess some whiplash. My Doctor recommended Physical Therapy to help with neck pain and headaches. The exercises I have learned here and the massages and manipulation by the therapist have helped immensely with the pain and headaches for right now. I intend to keep up with the stretches to stay that way. This has been a very great experience. The Therapists have been wonderful.

– Jeanette S.

I came in with very little movement in my neck with pain running down my shoulder. Through the stretching techniques we used, it removed the pain from my shoulder and gave me almost full, painless movement through my neck.

– Gary L.

Prior to coming to Revive PT, I had neck pain that caused numbness in my arm and hand. This made it difficult to do basic household chores, drive, and play with my kids. Through working with Dalton and Alyssa, I started making progress and feeling less pain. Although, I felt I was ready and no longer needed PT continued, Dalton and Alyssa were right as I started to experience more pain. They worked with me to find different exercises to address my issue. Now, I went from pain washing dishes to not having pain while breaking off tile flooring. Thank you, guys, for all your help!

– Daniel W.

When I started coming to Revive I couldn’t workout without getting a terrible headache. After a few weeks of them working on my neck and shoulders I was able to start working out lightly and worked back up to full workouts. Saeed and Alyssa were great to work with and kept it fun even early in the morning. I am grateful to feel better and to have gotten to spend a few months getting to know everyone at Revive.

– Benjamin P.

I’ve had lower back problems off and on for years. Recently my activities have been curtailed by severe pain and stiffness- more so then usual. The exercises prescribed to me at Revive have given me back much of my spinal mobility and strength. I also notice a “looser” feel in my hips, much less stiffness after prolonged walking and sitting, and an ability to work around the house (Gardening and general maintence, etc.) with little to no pain.

– Tom C.

Pain in lower back and it was difficult to sit for a long time. Walking was difficult and after therapy I learned some key work-outs that help alleviate the pain and doing modulation exercises did help. Now I am back to walking long distance and sitting for a long time.

– Sandeep B.

I’ve been having trouble for years, sleeping, sitting, and lifting heavy things from the ground. Sometimes I’d pull out my lower back and I’d be stiff and sore for days. Since I’ve started at Revive, I haven’t had that problem at all. My sleeping and ability to sit for long periods of time have greatly improved! The atmosphere at Revive is fantastic! Everyone at Revive is friendly and professional! When I leave, I don’t just feel better physically, I feel better mentally also. Saeed truly cares and it shows. Thank you!

– Ryan H.

I am a competitive tandem bicycle racer. I race the timed circuit races with my son on a custom racing tandem. In 2017, we won the male-male tandem event t the Tour de Mesa. We Also ride the Tour de Tucson and the Tour de Scottsdale. These rides are typically greater than 100km in length.

This year, my lower back started giving m some problems so I went to see my personal physician. Together we decided to get some physical therapy from Revive. I have had about 10 sessions and this has really helped. The “stitch” along my right-side rib cage is gone and my lumbar pain and weakness is much better.

Saeed and Alyssa have used several techniques to accomplish this: Special core exercises to strengthen my core muscles. Lumbar rotation exercises. Hamstring stretches and glute exercises on the “total gym machine”

Last week, my son and I did 35 miles on the tandem and I felt fine. Also, yesterday I did 25 miles on my single bike and felt fine.

I would recommend Revive to anyone before more drastic measures (under a doctor’s care) are used. They are very professional, and are careful not to overdo the exercise and make matters worse.

– Robert V.

When I first arrived at Revive, my right shoulder was in extreme pain. I could not lift my arm without pain, even half way. It hurt to drive. I could not pour from a bottle into a glass. It was difficult to brush my hair, shower, and dress. I now can drive without pain, shower, dress, cook, and even carry moderate weights with little to no discomfort. My range of motion is equal to my left and almost back to normal. Dalton, Alyssa, and Saeed, through their deep knowledge of structure, function, movement, and healing, combined with an attitude of positivity makes this the perfect place for reclaiming my movement and ability to function.

– Randy W.

I got referred from my doctor and their story starts… I had severe pain due to disk herniation at L4 – L5 – S1. I am lucky to be seen here. When I came here, I could not lift my right leg and had severe pain in my back. I worked with Dalton and the team and in just 3 visits I stopped all pain medication, and within a couple of weeks after that my numbness in right leg gone. I got my confidence and flexibility back without any steroid injections and any complications. This is an awesome place. Dalton is really superb. I learned to exercise here and it’s my lifetime lesson. I would say only lucky people come here… Good Luck!

– Dina R.

I was suffering from neck and lower back pain when I came to Revive. After working with Dalton, Alysa, and Saeed for ten sessions, most of the situational pain was relieved. Dalton taught me exercises that help alleviate the pain if it returns. Thank you to everybody at Revive!

– Maurice M.

I was rear ended back on November 15th, 2018 on the freeway at 65 mph. My back and neck were in terrible shape. I suffered a cervical and lumbar strain and could barely walk. I needed help with the most basic daily tasks, such as, bathing, and dressing. My first day at Revive was tough to say the least. Touching my toes was like asking me to perform an acrobatic act! Saeed and Alyssa are amazing because not only did they nurse me all the way back to health, but they were very patient with me. When I expressed discomfort, they listened and adjusted accordingly. Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness Revived me!

– Natalie M.

I came to Revive after spending 8 months at a Chiropractor in constant back pain. My original injury had healed improperly causing scar tissue. The Chiropractor had me avoid flexion and no extension exercises daily. This left me with weak flexion muscles and an unstable Lumbar and Pelvis. I also developed a problem with my SI Joint. When I came to Revive, I couldn’t bend over or do simple house work, nor could I do my usual weight training and boxing. After just a few weeks I am much better. I can now bend over, do housework, and have started light training and boxing again. I have much less pain and even have periods of time with no pain – something I haven’t experienced in almost a year! Everyone is great from the front desk to all the therapists. I highly recommend Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness.

– Janis L.

The atmosphere is full of great energy. Saeed and the team take their time to know you and understand you and your habits in order to provide the best recovery plan that is tailored to your needs. And they follow through and work hard to REVIVE you.

What more can you ask for?

– Kianoush R.

Through the years, for various conditions, I have gone to many Physical Therapists. This is by far the most productive experience I’ve had. Saeed listened to me and used manipulative techniques to give him the insight and knowledge to choose the most effective therapy to help me. A very much effective approach, far superior approach than I have previously experienced. I would highly recommend Saeed and staff to anyone needing help.

– Kenneth V.

I ended up at Revive after throwing out my back. I was completely misaligned and in so much pain- day to day activities seemed impossible (i.e. picking things up off the floor, getting in and out of my care, etc.…) let alone being able to work out and do yoga. After a couple weeks of PT sessions with Dalton and Alyssa, I am pain free and feeling strong, back to my regular workout routine! They taught me the moves and gave me the confidence to know I can get back to living my life. I would recommend Revive PT to anyone – Thank you!

– Katie M.

Coming to Revive was the best thing Dr. Wright had me try. The staff here are awesome – Explaining every detail and so encouraging, positive, and caring. Their training and expertise are very obvious. Before PT, I was in constant back pain and legs – Unable to roll over in bed and so hard to get out- spent majority of my time in a recliner and never wanted to go do outside activities.

I feel blessed God put these fine people in my life – I am stronger, the constant pain is gone! I am able to do things with family – Thank you for everything! Including the training on exercises I can continue with on my own. Life is good! I feel a lot younger after you got through with me.

– Jimmy G.

When I came into Revive, I couldn’t stand! My back was broken and was keeping me from going into work. I could not pick anything up and simply standing up was extremely painful. Everything changed after I came to Revive. In the last 5 years, my back has never felt better. I can stand, pick things up from the floor, and now move pain free. On top of this, Dr. Monterrey came in early, so I wouldn’t miss work! I am a fan for life!

– Jarett S.

Amazing, before PT I had trouble bending over, running, picking things off the ground, and had trouble exercising at the gym. Now I feel 100% recovered from my car accident. Great work!

– Gabriel N.

Revive has been a great experience and they got me back to full motion in less than 1.5 months. I had lumbar instability and difficulty sitting up/down and using the stairs. The pain almost brought me to tears at times. Revive gave me a quick and easy consultation and quickly got me into a convenient Physical Therapy appointment. I now have zero issues and am back to my normal routine. Alyssa and Saeed were fantastic, friendly, and extremely helpful!

– Hann-Ah H.

Before PT, I had chronic pain throughout the day. Standing and walking were particularly problematic. Doing either activity for more than 20 minutes was very painful. Vacuuming and washing the floor also made my back worse. As I began PT and the daily exercises, I found that my back pain started to recede and I could stand and walk without pain. I have been pain-free for a while and enjoy being more active then I have been in a long time.

– Eileen C.

I was given my first recommendation for PT from an Orthopedic doctor in 2012, to help ease the pain of multiple bulging discs in my lower back. At the time, I thought that PT was too expensive to fit in my budget. So, I put it off and figured I would manage the pain with the meds that the doctors gave me, and that would be enough to get me through the issues I was having.

Years went by and I kept putting it off and kept dealing with the pain, and I told myself that I would just stop doing the things that caused me pain. So, I stopped going out dancing, and I stopped going on outings with my friends if it meant I would have to stand for too long. And when I was required to do physical activity that pushed me beyond my pain limits, I would be laid out for days at a time, unable to move without sharp, excruciating pain.

In 2017 I had one of my worse flare ups, I don’t remember what caused it, but one morning I woke up and was unable to get out of bed on my own, and then when I finally got up, I couldn’t stand up all the way. I had to take several days off of work and go to see a doctor to get anti-inflammatory medication. Once I was “back to normal” I still had a lot of trouble with mundane activities; like standing at the mirror doing my make up in the morning, or holding my nieces and nephews for more than a few minutes. I would always have to make sure I had a place to sit down when my back inevitably started to hurt. PT gave me my life back. Not only were our sessions FUN, but they were extremely beneficial. We learned all sorts of stretches to do, to keep the pain at bay, and also how to help ourselves when we had flare ups. Now I can dance at my friends’ weddings and go on adventures with my boyfriend and my dogs. I can pick up my nieces and nephews and fly them around the house.

I am so grateful to Revive. The staff is warm and welcoming, and you can tell that they really care about their patients. I also love Saeed and Dayna’s passion for their business. It comes through in the work that they produce and how they show you that with a few simple stretches and some monster walks, you can truly lower your pain levels.

– Elizabeth D.

So, prior to PT with Revive I suffered with rear constant low back pain. Most modes of treatment were ineffective in treating pain. I couldn’t sit, walk, or stand without the nagging back pain. Through the progressive PT program with Revive over the past 3 months, I’ve gradually been able to increase my core/back/leg strength and reduce the level of pain significantly. I am confident with the home maintenance program, I will be able to get back to all activities I’ve been unable to perform such as hike, mountain bike, work out, and most important, return to work at UPS. Thanks!

– Ken S.

I never experienced back pain until after giving birth to my daughter in 2016. I thought that the lasting discomfort was just a part of how my body had changed post-partum. Flash forwards to spring 2019 and I found myself in a ton of pain after a back spasm, unable to lift my daughter. I heard about Revive from my husband and thought I would give Physical Therapy a shot, and I am so glad that I did! In a matter of less than 2 months. I learned about what was causing my pain and exercises to hep feel my best. Now I can do all that I used to be able to do pre-baby and am feeling great. Thank you, Revive!

– Jordan C.

When I first came in to Revive, I could not sit for a long time and I could not bend over, due to my lower back pain. The hardest thing was using the resistance band and side stepping. Now I can do everything with ease!

– Mark D.

Before I came to Revive, I used to get back pain that would keep me in bed for days. After coming to therapy here, my quality of life has improved. I feel stronger and ready to have a healthier lifestyle. Thank you all!

– Jose C.

I was having such pain in my upper back that I could not sit for an entire 8 hours at work. Driving was painful and I had to have my girlfriend drive me to and from work. But after about two weeks of PT at Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness, the pain had subsided. I was able to drive and sit at my desk. After the final week of PT, I am back to 100%. Saeed saved me from getting an MRI and possibly surgery on my back.

– Charles G.

I came to Revive after a brain tumor surgery. My right forearm had limited feeling and PT was necessary to “wake my nerves up” I also had shoulder pain.

I worked with the great staff and they delivered results in my first 2 weeks of treatment. I’ve learned about exercises I can do on my own to continue to gain back feeling in my arm 100%.

Without your help, I wouldn’t be feeling “normal” again. I am so thankful. Your company is warm, friendly and knowledgeable.

I enjoyed my time with you all!

– Kristin P.

I’ve been Revived! Before coming here, I couldn’t do a single squat, but now I have been able to incorporate them into my new workout regiment that Revive has helped me start. I can’t say enough great things about this place, everyone here is friendly and patient all the while keeping a fun atmosphere. Any chance I get, I will recommend this place!

– Vanessa F.

Thank you!! I came to Revive after I fell at another PT facility. My doctor Stephanie Flaherty was upset and sent me to Revive. The first session I was very anxious. I started to fall and Dalton had me and felt like I was flying. Everyone (Alyssa, Dalton, and Jaycie) are understanding, compassionate, positive, and extremely knowledgeable. In addition, Alyssa is so encouraging and has great ideas for at home exercises. Now I have been weaned off of my walker and can drive my 5-speed (manual) truck. My mobility is getting better every day!

– Robin Z.

I started PT in 2016. As I have a progressive disorder, I have been at PT at Revive for the past 4 years and it has been a wonderful experience. Before starting I had problems with my legs, core, and knees. However, I’ve made great gains and can sit independently and have more control of my legs. Also, I started walking again!

– Molly L.

When I first started at Revive, I was not able to pick my feet up off the floor when I tried walking. Now I can actually walk more normally, not just shuffling along. The slow marching was hard for me and I did them more quickly. Now (at home with my walker) I’m able to do the slow marching for longer periods of time and with raising my leg higher. I could not stand up without using my hands to push off. Now (After Revive) I’m able to get up without using my hands, but it’s very hard still. I will continue these exercises at home that Saeed has given me. Hoping to improve more!

– Susan G.

Before coming to Revive I could barely move my neck without pain. I was unable to sleep or turn my head in the slightest. Upon coming to Revive for treatment, I was able to slowly decrease my pain and to increase my mobility, both Dalton and Alyssa worked with me on various exercises and manipulation as well as providing several exercises to practice at home. For the past 5 weeks my pain has gradually decreased. At this point I’m no longer experiencing pain and I can move my head and neck freely. It has been a tremendous relief.

– Hugh M.

I had elbow surgery on March 12, 2019 and was in need of therapy. Revive Physical Therapy was absolutely awesome. The whole staff was exceptional and professional. I had to get my range and motion back so I could get back to golfing. After 3-4 weeks, I was back in shape and hitting little chip shots. I want to thank Saeed, Dalton, Alyssa, and the whole front desk staff for excellent service and professional treatment. I will recommend this office to anyone I know who needs PT. Thanks again!

– Lou F.

My experienced with Revive has been awesome! After my accident I had zero use of my left arm. Two surgeries and lots of physical therapy later, I am doing push-ups, and playing guitar better than before! Before Physical Therapy, could not hold my daughter, carry groceries, type, cook, etc. Pretty much all of my daily activities were thwarted. Today I feel stronger than before! The staff and doctors at Revive are amazing! Always happy, encouraging, and understanding. They’ve given me creative workout sessions that were never boring. They’ve pushed me hard, but never too hard. I have very much enjoyed my time here. Thanks, Revive!

– Katherine R.

“Over the years I’ve had physical therapy at several different locations but my experience at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness has been by far the best. Saeed’s high level of skill and knowledge combined with a personalized treatment plan has produced wonderful results following my foot surgery. The atmosphere in the office is caring, comfortable, positive and fun which helps with the healing process. Whether you’re young or old, a physical therapy veteran or a first timer, I highly recommend the kind, professional staff at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness.”


“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I had excellent care and my daily life is greatly improved.”


“I’m a 63 years old retired carpenter from Alaska and have had surgeries on both shoulders and my left knee. Beyond that, it was necessary for me to see a physical therapist on several occasions regarding my lower back, which is how I got to know Dr. Monterrey. You could say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to physical therapy. My experience at Revive with Dr. Monterrey makes me feel sorry for all those that have had to go to the other therapist I had to see before. The best way I can describe Dr. Monterrey is that he is gifted and perfectly suited for his profession. It’s truly a pleasure to see that and to experience it. I highly recommend Revive.”


“I love my experience at Revive Physical Therapy. I appreciate Saeed’s method of treatment and personal attention to the patient.”


“Dr. Saeed is kind, patient, and a lot of fun! He helped me resolve issues with my knees that I’ve had for many years, and has motivated me to maintain these healthy habits to make sure I don’t have problems again – I highly recommend him! Dr. Dayna and Terry are equally as friendly – they all contribute to a great environment that really promotes wellness.”


“This was a great experience. I had a very rapid recovery following a knee surgery due in no small part to Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness. A friendly and relaxed environment and very willing to work around scheduling problems made it easy to get in. I also appreciated the help I was given for a back problem and will most likely return to work on that as soon as I get a referral from my doctor. Thanks again!!!”


I came in with horrible back pain, unable to live my normal life. After just 1 week I was feeling better, and by the end of the 6-weeks I was back to 100%!


“Hands-on therapy was well targeted and successful. Exercises were well chosen and helped. Staff is cheerful, helpful and courteous. Insurance matters were well covered and did not become my headache at all. My future patronage will be limited by my location only. I’m convinced Dr. Monterrey has the knowledge and hands to significantly help most that walk through his door.”


“Having suffered severe jaw discomfort and constant headaches, my dentist referred me to a TMJ clinic. I asked Dr. Saeed if he could do anything to help while I waited for the referral appointment. Much to my surprise, four months later, after having just two treatments and following Dr. Saeed’s advice on exercises at home, I am cured. No jaw discomfort, no headaches and I no longer fear my jaw will lock or I will be restricted to a liquid diet. I have canceled two appointments at the TMJ clinic and this last time I told them to take me off their list. I tell everyone about my “miraculous” recovery thanks to Dr Saeed.”


“My experience at Revive Physical Therapy was wonderful! The Doctor and all the staff members were very professional and friendly. I recommended my friend, who experiences neck pain, to them. It was my first time ever going to physical therapy, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My knee is completely healed and I was provided with a regimen of exercises to do at home to keep my leg strong. I would highly recommend them!”


“I have had Dr. Dayna Monterrey as my primary care physician for 2 years now. At first, I went to her clinic for post operative care after my brain surgery. I stayed on after finding how thorough, well informed and professional Dayna is. I was very impressed with her extensive knowledge of pharmaceuticals and their interactions with each other and their interactions with food. Her nutritional advice is second to none and my quarterly blood work has proven that with her guidance I have become as healthy as I have ever been. I’ve never felt more energetic and credit my speedy post op recovery to Dayna. I recommend Dr. Monterrey highly and literally trust her with my life. Thank You Dr. Monterrey You’ve Improved My Quality Of Life Exponentially!”


“I have been treated by Dr. Monterrey on several occasions! Trust me when I say there is a skill in his hands. There are many physical therapists out there but Saeed goes above and beyond to offer the very best of services which yield exceptional results. He has personally treated my neck and I am thankful that he did. The results he is able to yield is not offered by many. If you want a physical therapist that knows what he’s doing, go see Saeed at Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness.”


“I found Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness to be an excellent medical service regarding a chronic back pain issue . The staff is professional, instructive, and I particularly like the fact that the office doesn’t have the “sweaty gym” feel that I’ve experienced at other physical therapy sites. Would highly recommend them to anyone.”


“Saeed and his staff are awesome. They quickly addressed my back pain issue and helped to stop the back pain! For the first time in 5 years I can sit without back pain! I WOULD recommend him to anyone who needs rehabilitation or physical therapy!”


“I’ve worked with both Dayna and Saeed and they have both helped me heal in ways no other medical professionals have. With Dayna, I’ve been able to gain clarity on where mysterious symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, and depression are truly coming from: best of all, I’m managing my mood and energy levels better than ever under her care! Saeed has also been tremendously helpful in releasing my stubborn head, neck, and back tension while re-aligning my spine and balancing my muscles. Plus, both doctors maintain a relaxed, joyful attitude so that I always look forward to my appointments. I highly recommend Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness!”