Back Pain & Sciatica

Millions of Americans are adversely impacted by back pain each year. Studies show that, at one point or another, approximately 80% of the U.S. population will be affected.

While there are a lot of treatment options available, many of these only address the symptoms and don’t target the actual cause of your pain or handle it for the long term.

The three main causes of low back pain and sciatica are:

  1. Herniated Discs
  2. Arthritis
  3. Pelvis issues

Without identifying the correct cause of your pain there is no way to develop the proper treatment plan.

Our physical therapists will find the actual cause of your back pain. The goal of effectively resolving your low back pain or sciatica includes…

  • Identify the true cause
  • Create a unique plan for your specific condition
  • Relieve your pain
  • Restore your normal motion, flexibility, mobility
  • Strengthen the supporting muscle
  • Return to your normal activities

Here at Revive Physical Therapy & Wellness our specialty is Back and Neck Pain. Our therapists are very experienced and have the knowledge and skills to provide a number of different ways to reach your goal of getting back to your normal self again.

On your first visit...

  1. It begins with a full interview and physical therapy examination.
  2. Afterwards the therapist will explain to you in English, not medical jargon, where the cause of your problem is coming from.
  3. YOUR GOALS and YOUR EXPECTATIONS will be discussed and agreed upon.
  4. Considering those goals, you will learn what successful treatment looks like.
  5. You and the therapist will discuss this plan and work together to resolve your pain and get you back to your normal self again.

Common conditions we treat:

  • Back Pain
  • Lumbar sprains/strains
  • Herniated or Bulging Disc (HNP)
  • Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Sciatica and leg pain
  • Facet pain
  • Spondylosis
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Compression fractures
  • Post surgical rehabilitation
Our Patients Are Thriving
  • I was having such pain in my upper back that I could not sit for an entire 8 hours at work. Driving was painful and I had to have my girlfriend drive me to and from work. But after about two weeks of PT at Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness, the pain had subsided. I was able to drive and sit at my desk. After the final week of PT, I am back to 100%. Saeed saved me from getting an MRI and possibly surgery on my back.

    - Charles G.

  • When I first came in to Revive, I could not sit for a long time and I could not bend over, due to my lower back pain. The hardest thing was using the resistance band and side stepping. Now I can do everything with ease!

    - Mark D.

  • Before I came to Revive, I use to get back pain that would keep me in bed or days. After coming to therapy here, my quality of life has improved. I feel stronger and ready to have a healthier lifestyle. Thank you all!

    - Jose C.

  • I came in with lower back pain. Everyone was welcoming and sweet starting with the front desk receptionist. Dr. Derthick is very attentive and helped me get back to my functional self. It was my first experience with PT and I would recommend him and anyone on the team here. Comfort and trust is important during these covid times
    Ashley L.
  • Before coming to revive I had severe lower back pain. The pain kept me from working, made it hard to walk, and hard to put clothes on. After leaving Revive, I felt great. Better than before my injury!
  • I have had worsening lower back pain for over 10 years. After three months at Revive I can perform Olympic weight lifting techniques and stay seated for hours studying with zero pain. Both of those things that were important to me personally, were impossible before their help. Saeed and Alyssa helped me learn to take care of my back and pushed me to strengthen it. Awesome people that make you feel happy and confident every day. Thanks guys!
  • My experience with Revive PT was overall great. The staff from top to bottom is professional, knowledgeable, but at the same time down to earth. The atmosphere is encouraging, but also focused on pushing the patients. Before coming here, I had back pain doing anything like driving, sleeping, and working out. Now I have strengthened my weaker areas, improved posture, and feel like I can be young and active again. Huge shout out to Andy for the personalized plan and pushing me to get the most out of the sessions.
    Grayson M.
  • The staff at Revive has been able to help me with every single injury they have treated. From whiplash, a car accident, shoulder inflammation, to problems with bulging disks in the lower back. Each time they were able to fully put me back together. Many times, I was stronger and more flexible after treatment. The combination of knowledge, personal care, focus on details, and good conversations is hard to find anywhere else. I would recommend working with all of the PT staff. This is health care at its finest.
    Stefan R.
  • I had great experience with Dr Dalton Derthick who treated me for 2 months. I was in a lot of back pain and I was diagnosed with radiculopathy by a back surgeon who prescribed steroids for the pain and physical therapy. I experienced a lot of pain in my sciatic nerve and I could barely walk and wasn’t able to stand straight. I decided to contact Revive, because of the extraordinary reviews they have. After only a few sessions with Dalton my pain level started to improve. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Dalton prepared an extensive care plan of exercises and stretches which he was modifying during my course of treatment. During our sessions Dalton was always very attentive and it was a great pleasure to talk with him and not only about treatment and exercises. Now, thanks to Dalton, I can walk pain free and get back to my normal activities.
Overall, Revive is a great place with friendly staff and amazing therapists that I would highly recommend.
    Marko S.
  • I have spinal stenosis in several discs and have had back pain for many years. I received epidurals from a pain specialist for my pain; the epidurals began to no longer work and I was sent to an orthopedic doctor who suggested a fusion. I chose to come to Revive instead. I have worked with both Dalton and Alyssa and they have helped me to feel so much better. I can do things much easier now! I haven’t been horseback riding in over a year because getting onto the horse was so difficult. Now, I can practically fly on her back! Dalton and Alyssa made physical therapy fun!
    Ann W.
  • Came in with spinal stenosis and couldn’t walk far, bend, or lift. Pain kept me from sleeping at night. After my first session and with advice about how to position myself at night in bed, I started to sleep much better. Now I walk my dog his usual route with no more pain. I can pick up heavy objects and carry them. The physical therapists are fantastic. I would recommend Revive to anyone who needs help with pain and mobility issues.
    Kathleen W.
  • When I first arrived at Revive – I was a mess, sciatica was causing me to have horrible pain radiating my left leg. I started therapy with Andy Meza and that was the start of my healing. I wasn’t able to walk a far distance, stand too long or do normal chores. After 12 sessions, Andy has helped me to be free of pain and to feel like I can do my chores at home. He is my hero!
    Jeannette B.
  • When I started PT, I was in a lot of pain in my lower back, especially my left side. I worked with Andy. Half way through I could see a difference. I had trouble getting in and out of my car. Now, I have no problems with the car and also, I can pick up items that are 10 pounds! Andy is the best!
    Judy E.