Neuromuscular Re-education

  • Our bodies are used to moving a certain way. However, our “normal” movements aren’t always optimal movements. Meaning the way we move (or don’t move) could be contributing to our pain.
  • At Revive we use active hands-on treatment to get you moving correctly and efficiently again. Our goal is to re-educate the neuromuscular system, which is responsible for synchronizing the entire body to work cohesively together. We believe modulating the neuromuscular system is key for long-lasting relief. In order to target the neuromuscular system, your therapist may include specialized movement stimulated either passively or actively by the patient. Passive hands-on treatment (e.g. massage, joint manipulation, taping, acupuncture) may be part of your treatment plan, however, majority of the time this is effective for only temporary relief of your symptoms rather than long term relief and success. Therefore, it’s important for you to receive passive AND active hands-on treatment to reach your goals of eliminating your symptoms by getting to the root cause of your problem. We don’t just treat symptoms here at Revive, we treat the problem.
  • How does Active Hands-on Treatment Fix My Problem?
    • Active hands-on treatment helps you retrain your brain to communicate with your muscles, by encouraging you to be actively involved in healthy movement. We guide and steer your body to move optimally while retraining your brain and teaching you how to move without pain. Active Hands on treatment is a crucial part of any physical therapy success and is an important tool that helps achieve results that last.

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Our Patients Are Thriving
  • Dr. Saeed is kind, patient, and a lot of fun! He helped me resolve issues with my knees that I’ve had for many years, and has motivated me to maintain these healthy habits to make sure I don’t have problems again – I highly recommend him! Dr. Dayna and Terry are equally as friendly – they all contribute to a great environment that really promotes wellness.

    – Michael C.

  • I came in with horrible back pain, unable to live my normal life. After just 1 week I was feeling better, and by the end of the 6-weeks I was back to 100%!

    – Adam K.

  • I love my experience at Revive Physical Therapy. I appreciate Saeed’s method of treatment and personal attention to the patient.

    – Lan Yun C.

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