*What is a virtual appointment (AKA Telehealth)?*

– It’s a one-on-one appointment through a secure video call with one of our pain specialists who will email you a link to connect… It’s that easy!

*How would this benefit me?*

  1. It will allow your physical therapist (PT) to evaluate virtually through video call to discuss and assess you condition and show you how you can heal naturally without pain meds, injections and surgery.
  2. Your PT will perform a movement and pain assessment to see where the problem is coming from and prescribe the correct movement and exercise program to help balance out your body and relieve your pain.
  3. Your PT will also show you at-home self-treatment techniques and exercises so you can get back to normal ASAP while staying healthy at home.

P.S. During this health crisis most insurances are covering virtual physical therapy and some are even waiving patients cost responsibility. Call for more info!

*Call or text us now to get started 480.718.9493*

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