Robert V.

I am a competitive tandem bicycle racer. I race the timed circuit races with my son on a custom racing tandem. In 2017, we won the male-male tandem event t the Tour de Mesa. We Also ride the Tour de Tucson and the Tour de Scottsdale. These rides are typically greater than 100km in length.

This year, my lower back started giving m some problems so I went to see my personal physician. Together we decided to get some physical therapy from Revive. I have had about 10 sessions and this has really helped. The “stitch” along my right-side rib cage is gone and my lumbar pain and weakness is much better.

Saeed and Alyssa have used several techniques to accomplish this: Special core exercises to strengthen my core muscles. Lumbar rotation exercises. Hamstring stretches and glute exercises on the ‘total gym machine’.

Last week, my son and I did 35 miles on the tandem and I felt fine. Also, yesterday I did 25 miles on my single bike and felt fine.

I would recommend Revive to anyone before more drastic measures (under a doctor’s care) are used. They are very professional and are careful not to overdo the exercise and make matters worse.

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