Physical Therapist Application

🔥 Please READ before proceeding. 🔥

👀 A revive persona is required to apply! What is a revive persona, you ask? Well, It's someone who brings a fun, empathetic, and compassionate energy to work every day! Someone who knows how to provide exceptional care while having fun, which leads to their patients completing their plan of care because they feel better and know their therapist cares about them.

If you have a revive persona and a keen interest in movement science (perfecting overload and specificity principles) and manual therapy, please continue with the application process.

The Revive difference:

  • One-hour Initial evaluation appointment.
  • Follow-ups are scheduled every 30 min. That means you only treat max two patients an hour. No more 3-4 patients an hour schedule.👌
  • Two hours of built-in documentation time. We promote a healthy work-life balance! 😁
  • Productivity bonus after treating 45 patients per week. That's right; we do NOT require you to see over 50, 60, or 70 patients a week to start bonusing!! 🕺💃
  • Weekly team huddles to ensure we're staying on top of our game. 💪

Efficient workflow with an EMR specifically for PTs! Since we're obsessed with efficiency and having a healthy work-life balance I took it upon myself to find the best EMR out there for PTs. And I wasn't going to stop until we were all satisfied. Well, After going through 4 EMR systems in 5 years we finally found what we were looking for! Prompt EMR, an EMR that is user-friendly and cuts our documentation time in half. 🙌🎊

Revive Benefits Include:

  • Competitive Salary + productivity bonus
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Plan
  • Con Edu Reimbursement
  • No Weekends
  • We give you the treatment time you need to provide exceptional care!

If you're a positive person with a revive persona and want to join a company that values collaboration, teamwork, social events, and community outreach, then we invite you to submit the form below.

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