Brenda H.

I came to Revive after having a total knee replacement. I worked primarily with Saeed, and also with Angelica, Alyssa and Andy. Throughout my treatment at Revive, I received comprehensive, focused therapy that greatly improved my recovery and return to regular activities of life. All my questions and concerns were listened to and all the staff were very responsive in supporting me in my recovery. Throughout the process, I was challenged and provided with meaningful home exercises that augmented my in-person therapy. I highly recommend Revive Physical Therapy and Wellness! They are professionals of the highest caliber who care about their patients

Ryan B.

“My journey at Revive Physical Therapy has been truly life-changing! Suffering from debilitating knee pain and swelling, I lost the freedom to do things I wanted. However, thanks to the exceptional care I received, I am now pain-free. Saeed played a crucial role in my recovery. His expertise and personalized approach made a remarkable difference. The office itself feels like a warm and welcoming family, with friendly staff who go above and beyond to ensure your comfort. If you’re seeking outstanding care, a supportive environment, and life-altering results, look no further. I cannot recommend them enough for their exceptional service and their genuine care is evident.”

Gayle C.

Blew out my knee after being tackled by a Labrador retriever puppy. Limped into Revive, barely able to walk. Two months later, all my problems have been resolved. I’m walking normally and back to all my previous activities. Alyssa and Isaac worked on my knee, body mechanics, and encouraged me at every new step. Once I made the mental decision to follow directions and do the home exercises, my healing came rapidly thanks to the wisdom and ability of Isaac and Alyssa.

Michele Fi

Prior to coming to Revive I was having trouble doing squats in my step class and walking up stairs. Once I started PT at Revive my left knee was feeling better almost right away. After 4 weeks my knee is almost 100% and I can get back to my step class. I loved working with Isaac, he was the best! He gave me some good exercises to work with at home to keep me going strong. Thank you so much!

Linda G.

10 out of 10! Loved it all! Staff are amazing, work well together, and know what they are doing! I felt very comfortable, accepted, and improved rapidly and well! Mostly, the whole experience was great! If I ever need PT again, I’ll be back here.

Gary H.

I’ve seen Dr. Monterrey twice: once for plantar fasciitis and several years later for knee and leg pain/weakness. In both cases, Dr. Monterrey restored my ability to move and exercise pain free. His coaching on exercises and continuing home conditioning have been excellent, and I expect to continue getting stronger by following his guidance.

Dede T.

I had loss of motion in my left knee. It was hard to bend and I had pain with bending during activities and sleeping. Revive exercises helped me to regain my motion pain-free when walking or exercising. The strength training helped me feel normal again but with more strength!

Randall D.

Prior to my referral to Revive Physical Therapy, I was having trouble walking and aching pain in my left knee, back, and hips after a fall at home. At times my knee would cause enough pain and give out causing me to lose my balance and at times, almost falling down. Since my many sessions at Revive, I have regained my balance, strength and endurance! I have renewed my strength and confidence in my daily work activities.

Karen J.

Before my legs were very weak. I was scheduled for knee surgery in 4 months. I had trouble walking, lifting, house chores like mopping, and stairs were impossible. Since coming I still walk with some difficulty, but better. I no longer have problems with stairs, lifting, or chores. I feel my experience was very worth it. I feel strong enough for surgery and all the staff were great. Very helpful and very friendly.

Liddia T.

Helping my husband during and after surgery started my knee and lower back pain. After working with the Revive team, my painful joints are once again manageable. Many ‘”thank you” to a great team of professional and personable Physical Therapists. Great place to heal and also great place to share fun stories and recipes.

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