Michele Fi

Prior to coming to Revive I was having trouble doing squats in my step class and walking up stairs. Once I started PT at Revive my left knee was feeling better almost right away. After 4 weeks my knee is almost 100% and I can get back to my step class. I loved working with Isaac, he was the best! He gave me some good exercises to work with at home to keep me going strong. Thank you so much!

Linda G.

10 out of 10! Loved it all! Staff are amazing, work well together, and know what they are doing! I felt very comfortable, accepted, and improved rapidly and well! Mostly, the whole experience was great! If I ever need PT again, I’ll be back here.

Gary H.

I’ve seen Dr. Monterrey twice: once for plantar fasciitis and several years later for knee and leg pain/weakness. In both cases, Dr. Monterrey restored my ability to move and exercise pain free. His coaching on exercises and continuing home conditioning have been excellent, and I expect to continue getting stronger by following his guidance.

Dede T.

I had loss of motion in my left knee. It was hard to bend and I had pain with bending during activities and sleeping. Revive exercises helped me to regain my motion pain-free when walking or exercising. The strength training helped me feel normal again but with more strength!

Randall D.

Prior to my referral to Revive Physical Therapy, I was having trouble walking and aching pain in my left knee, back, and hips after a fall at home. At times my knee would cause enough pain and give out causing me to lose my balance and at times, almost falling down. Since my many sessions at Revive, I have regained my balance, strength and endurance! I have renewed my strength and confidence in my daily work activities.

Karen J.

Before my legs were very weak. I was scheduled for knee surgery in 4 months. I had trouble walking, lifting, house chores like mopping, and stairs were impossible. Since coming I still walk with some difficulty, but better. I no longer have problems with stairs, lifting, or chores. I feel my experience was very worth it. I feel strong enough for surgery and all the staff were great. Very helpful and very friendly.

Liddia T.

Helping my husband during and after surgery started my knee and lower back pain. After working with the Revive team, my painful joints are once again manageable. Many ‘”thank you” to a great team of professional and personable Physical Therapists. Great place to heal and also great place to share fun stories and recipes.

Weston H.

My name is Weston and I came into Revive with knee problems that prevented me from performing everyday tasks or even walking normally. After a few sessions, I noticed huge improvement and by the end of my time at Revive I had accomplished all of the goals I hoped to achieve when I came in. Andy did an awesome job pushing me and helping me restore confidence in my capabilities with my knee. Thanks, my man and to the rest of Revive!

Emily S.

When I first came here, I had been experiencing pain from knee surgery from my youth. I was worried I would need surgery. After receiving treatment my range of motion is amazing. I can sit and stand with no issues and I am back to dancing in my living room! The staff has been so amazing and encouraging, and I feel like I have been given a brand-new body, it’s amazing!

Elaine Y.

When I started Physical Therapy, I was in pain. My knee was hurting so bad. Lifting my leg hurt and bending my knee was painful. I was unable to run and standing up after sitting was painful for several steps and I sometimes though I would fall. I didn’t believe that simple exercises would help, but I was wrong. Sticking to the therapy and following the at home exercises worked and I can run, jump, and wear my high heels again. I still get a twinge or two and I just start my therapy exercises and it goes away. I get nervous that my knee is weak but it is just me. Thank you for being kind and patient

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