Jeannette B.

When I first arrived at Revive – I was a mess, sciatica was causing me to have horrible pain radiating my left leg. I started therapy with Andy Meza and that was the start of my healing. I wasn’t able to walk a far distance, stand too long or do normal chores. After 12 sessions, Andy has helped me to be free of pain and to feel like I can do my chores at home. He is my hero!

Judy E.

When I started PT, I was in a lot of pain in my lower back, especially my left side. I worked with Andy. Half way through I could see a difference. I had trouble getting in and out of my car. Now, I have no problems with the car and also, I can pick up items that are 10 pounds! Andy is the best!

Steven L.

I’ve been Revived! I came in with extreme lower back pain and Revive Pt and Wellness did their magic and as a result I improved very dramatically, nearly 100%. Revive truly helped me on many levels, including physically and mentally. Thank you so much Dalton, Saeed, Alyssa, and everyone at Revive! Highly, Highly Recommended!

Randall D.

Prior to my referral to Revive Physical Therapy, I was having trouble walking and aching pain in my left knee, back, and hips after a fall at home. At times my knee would cause enough pain and give out causing me to lose my balance and at times, almost falling down. Since my many sessions at Revive, I have regained my balance, strength and endurance! I have renewed my strength and confidence in my daily work activities.

Michael H.

I came in for chronic lower back pain. It seemed all over my lower back with sharp and burning pains. Andy and I were able to pin-point it to my lower left side. So away we worked, through a combination of stretches and strength training, the pain is a lot less and I can now see cause and effect and ward off the pain. I know what is going to exacerbate the pain and what is going to alleviate it. Bottom line – I’m where I wanted to be with understanding what’s going on and why and how to alleviate. I am a firm appreciator of physical therapy. Thanks Andy and Revive.

Michelle B.

“I found Revive to be a very excellent physical therapy. I came here for sciatica which ran from my lower back to my ankle with a constant stabbing pain! After my treatments I am now able to sleep all night and not feel any more discomfort, I can touch the floor with my hands again. I can sit normal in a chair for extended periods of time and feel I am strong enough to go back to my normal job, lifting furniture and walking 15 plus miles for 12 hours a day! Yay!!! I thank you all, more than words can say.

Christy M.

Before I came to PT I had lower back and hip joint pain for 6 months. Alyssa and Dalton helped me get back to normal. Within 2 weeks I was seeing improvement. They helped educate me on how to treat my pain outside of PT and after our sessions ended. They even helped with lower back pain I thought was normal to have. Now I can stand as long as I want without pain and I can go back to playing sports and working out!

Gayle C.

“I arrived here unable to get out of bed, unable to turn over in bed, unable to walk, and unable to pick up anything from the floor. Guess what? I now feel 100% better and stronger. The staff at Revive pinpointed the injured muscles and targeted my recovery with strengthening exercises. I always feel better after a visit to Revive. The best part is that I can pick up my 18-pound cat. Special thanks to Dalton and Alyssa for encouraging and motivating me during the workouts. Thanks to everyone for helping me feel better.

Liddia T.

Helping my husband during and after surgery started my knee and lower back pain. After working with the Revive team, my painful joints are once again manageable. Many ‘”thank you” to a great team of professional and personable Physical Therapists. Great place to heal and also great place to share fun stories and recipes.

Sandra C.

Before coming to physical therapy my back hurt every day. I feel that since coming I have gained both knowledge and strength. I love the fact that I’ve got a way to combat my pain. Also, since beginning I have been working on strengthening my back and muscles which has helped a lot. Now I can do my housework without taking any breaks. I can walk long distances without back pain. Pt has been such a positive experience for me. I am trying to get my parents to come in and get the tools they need to combat their pain too.

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